FRANCIS X The Lethal Revenge of an Irish American Terrorist

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On the evening of the 30th of January, the anniversary of "Bloody Sunday," Brigadier Taylor received a phone call at his home from his daughter. She asked him to please speak with the woman that she was handling the phone to. The woman took his daughter's phone and asked Mr. Taylor if he knew why this was such a special day? Taylor answered, "no" and was told by the woman that he had a very short memory. The woman then reminded him of the massacre in Derry. Taylor then told the woman on the other end of the phone to get to the point of the phone call. She told him that a lot of innocent people died that day due to his and other British soldier's hatred of the Irish. She also told him that after all these years the tears are strill flowing from the relatives of those who were killed on that "Bloody Sunday," Her next words were haunting to the old General. "I am in a vineyard here in Lyon and I am going to shoot your daughter while you listen to her pleading for her life and then you will know how all the family members suffered when you killed their loved ones." The next thing Tyalor heard was his daughter saying a prayer and the sound of the gun being fired. The woman came back on the phone and told Taylor, "She was a good looking girl and i hope you have an open casket. Have a nice day."

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