Epidemiology of Pediatric Sports Injuries

Epidemiology of Pediatric Sports Injuries Team Sports

1st edition

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Is the risk of injury greater in some sport activities than in others? What types of injuries are most common? Are some children prone to sports injury? Are some physical, psychological, or sport-related factors associated with an increased risk of injury? Can injury be prevented and if so, how? Epidemiology of Pediatric Sport Injuries answers these and more questions which sports medicine personnel and coaches should be prepared to face. Focussed on team sports like Baseball, Basketball, Gridirion Football, Ice Hockey, Rugby, and Soccer, this publication integratively reviews the existing data on the distribution and determinants of injury in children and youth athletes. Further, the book includes a chapter on the identification of the epidemiological approach and concludes with suggestions of injury prevention measures and guidelines for further research. Together with the previous volume, Individual Sports, the two publications present the first comprehensive compilation and critical analysis of epidemiological data over a wide range of children's and youth sports.

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Edition: 1st edition
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