Corner That Held Them

Corner That Held Them

eBook (10 Sep 2019)

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A unique novel about life in a 14th-century convent by one of England's most original authors.Sylvia Townsend Warner'sThe Corner That Held Themis a historical novel like no other, one that immerses the reader in the dailiness of history, rather than history as the given sequence of events that, in time, it comes to seem. Time ebbs and flows and characters come and go in this novel, set in the era of the Black Death, about a Benedictine convent of no great note. The nuns do their chores, and seek to maintain and improve the fabric of their house and chapel, and struggle with each other and with themselves. The book that emerges is a picture of a world run by women but also a storystirring, disturbing, witty, utterly entrancingof a community. What is the life of a community and how does it support, or constrain, a real humanity? How do we live through it and it through us? These are among the deep questions that lie behind this rare triumph of the novelist's art.

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