Clothes They Stood Up In, The

Clothes They Stood Up In, The


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Alan Bennett reads his highly-acclaimed story; a quirky, wry and ironic tale from one of life's great observers. The Ransomes had been burgled. 'Robbed,' Mrs Ransome said. 'Burgled,' Mr Ransome corrected. Premises were burgled; persons were robbed. Mr Ransome was a solicitor by profession and thought words mattered... The fact is that the Ransomes have been cleaned out. Everything has gone, even the toilet paper; and for the stuffy solicitor and his downtrodden wife it marks a turning point, a kind of liberation. Nothing will ever be quite the same, even when their possessions mysteriously turn up again, exactly as they left them... Sad and funny, poignant and perceptive, this is Bennett at his brilliant best.

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ISBN: 9781405625456
Publisher: BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Imprint: BBC Audiobooks Ltd
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