Cassandras? The Ecology Movement's Lust for Disaster

Hardback (31 Dec 2019)

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Why do we always want forecasts - for the weather, the half-life of dying forests, hole in the ozone layer and of global climate change? Why do we believe we can make predictions at all, spend vast amounts of money on them, and never check which of them come true? And why do we assume that every change must be for the worst? The distinguished left-wing ecologist Josef Reichholf argues that the ecology movement is now in a position where it cries "Wolf" on the basis of the flimsiest of evidence. By hyping doom and gloom it is on the verge of discrediting itself. The movement has, moreover, reinvented itself as a modern religion, replete with its own prophets of doom. Pandering to our yearning to predict the future, its leaders have turned the computer screen into a crystal ball of science and are shying away from any type of rational debate. The publication of this deeply controversial book caused a wave of national newspaper and television debate in Germany, the cradle of the green movement. It is set to continue for a long time and spill over to the rest of Europe.

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