Boy in the South

Boy in the South

eBook (16 Feb 2021)

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Sometimes, life is like a revolving door. As a teenager, when I left Georgia to pursue a better life and to see the world, I told myself I would never live here again. 70 years later, after all my travels and being in so many places, I accomplished my dream; with many prayers. I was determined not to return, but somehow, I found myself back in Georgia, where I started. Life has changed a great deal since my younger days. Many loved ones, the homes where I lived, and the places I use to go are gone. One thing that remains is my memory of them and the times we shared. I still enjoy a drive to the country, visiting the old places, and on occasion, I take my children and grandchildren with me on those rides and tell them stories about the little boy who grew up in the south.

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