Ann at Highwood Hall

Ann at Highwood Hall Poems for Children

50 edition

eBook (12 Dec 2014) | English

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The fiftieth anniversary edition of the renowned author's poems for children-featuring the original, iconic illustrations.

This collection of boisterous and witty children's poems by Robert Graves-with charming drawings by painter and illustrator Edward Ardizzone-has enchanted generations of young readers. Celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, the original 1964 edition is now available in this beautiful digital reproduction.

These seven timeless poems evoke the world of Victorian England and include the story of Ann, "the third-but-youngest child of seventeen" who runs away to live at a duke's palace; a valentine in verse; a battle of words lost in translation between King George II and the Chinese Emperor; a doctor's bedside visit to a little girl; and a lively argument between young Caroline and Charles that is strikingly similar to the banter of twenty-first century children.

Ann at Highwood Hall is a classic of children's literature that will thrill fans of Robert Graves and poetry lovers of all ages.

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ISBN: 9780795344749
Publisher: RosettaBooks
Imprint: RosettaBooks
Pub date:
Edition: 50 edition
Language: English
Number of pages: 48
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