Am I Safe?

Am I Safe? Exploring Fear and Anxiety With Children

eBook (07 Jul 2018)

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Am I Safe? is the fourth book in the Compassion Series, written for children and the grownups in their world. It offers a journey of understanding into the topics of fear and anxiety, landing in a place of empathy and courage. Complete with a discussion and activity guide, this tender and honest book invites parents, grandparents, and teachers to explore these important topics alongside the children in their care so they can discover how to stand well together. For an anxious child, this book can provide a place of validation and strength to stand against fear's "bullying" power. For their friends and family, it can provide a window into the common experiences and impact of fear. And for all of us, it is a much-needed reminder that everyone needs someone to stand close by-even you, even me.

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ISBN: 9781988928081
Imprint: Castle Quay Books
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Language: English
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