All The Little Foxes

All The Little Foxes

eBook (26 Dec 2015)

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Can anything ever come between true friendship? Look out world, a new group of memorable and fun loving characters have just entered the scene. Edgar and Jules are two fox cubs who are self-proclaimed best friends for life. Each fox has always been there for the other, through thick and thin. The foxes are growing up fast, and are entering into the fifth grade this year - with each one believing nothing can change this friendship, and everything will always stay the same.Enter the new kid in town - who happens to be - of all things - a girl! Fifi comes to town which brings on a whole new set of trials and tribulations. Not only for the entire class - who has never -ever had a brand new student come to town, but for Edgar and Jules as well. Can the friendship between this dynamic duo remain the same with all of the changes that are about to take place - or will this be the year that changes their lives forever?

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ISBN: 9781619849266
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Imprint: Gatekeeper Press
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