Alien encounters

Alien encounters true-life stories of aliens, UFOs and other extra-terrestrial phenomena

eBook (01 Dec 2007)

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In this compelling and revealing examination, author Rupert Matthews looks afresh at key episodes of alien activity on earth, and sheds light on the many mysterious phenomena associated with it. From Roswell to TaizA(c), the book dissects fascinating eyewitness accounts of communication and contact with alien beings, as well as chilling cases of abduction. It also sifts through sinister evidence of government cover-ups. Ten Special Casebooks give in-depth analysis of the most important encounters, including: The pilot who saw a formation of alien aircraft The Exeter Incident - chased by UFOs in the darkness The Socorro Incident - solid evidence of alien activity Betty and Barney Hill - abducted on Highway 3 Rigorously researched, Alien Encounters is a gripping investigation of strange events that continue to spark fierce debate. If you doubt the existence of extra-terrestrials, prepare to be convinced.

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ISBN: 9781848584433
Publisher: Arcturus Publishing Limited
Imprint: Arcturus
Pub date:
DEWEY: 001.942
DEWEY edition: 22
Number of pages: 208
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