Alan Bennett: Double Bill

Alan Bennett: Double Bill


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Patricia Routledge, Sir John Gielgud, Alan Bennett and Paul Eddington star in two plays as broadcast on BBC Radio 4: 'A Woman of No Importance' and 'Forty Years On'. 'A Woman of No Importance': Patricia Routledge plays Margaret Schofield, a woman whose existence has long revolved around the gossip and minutiae of office life. As she recounts the events leading up to her first bout of tummy trouble, there is little hint of the developments ahead - or of the moving portrayal of brave and inevitable decline which writer and performer create between them. 'Forty Years On': Alan Bennett's most popular stage play stars Sir John Gielgud, Paul Eddington and Bennett himself. Having been at Albion House for fifty years, man and boy, the Headmaster is now retiring. Taking part in the end-of-term entertainment for the last time, he is outraged to find his beloved standards being mocked. A kaleidoscopic comedy, 'Forty Years On' is part parody and part nostalgia for a fading English tradition.

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