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What is it about the canine personality which has singled this animal out from all the 4,236 species of non-human mammals to be man's closest companion? Strangely enough, all dogs, from scruffy mongrels to haughty show champs, are members of the same species - that of the wolf. In Dogwatching, zoologist Desmond Morris gives answers to fascinating fundamental questions about our canine companions - questions so often overlooked by standard dog books, which concentrate on grooming, feeding and veterinary care. It is a book for dog-lovers everywhere, one which will lead to an even deeper bond of understanding and an insight into such remarkable and delightful creatures.

Why do dogs bark?
Why does a frightened dog put its tail between its legs?
Why do puppies chew slippers?
Why does a dog bury a bone?
Why does a Pointer point?
Why do we cure a hangover with the 'hair of the dog'?
Do dogs have a sixth sense?
Why do some dogs chase their own tails?

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Publisher: Random House
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