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Edmond Hamilton Megapack 16 Classic Science Fiction Tales

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Edmond Hamilton. For most people, this name conjures visions of two-fisted space opera -- pure pulp science fiction. And Hamilton -- known as the author of the "Captain Future" series -- was indeed one of the foremost writers of pulp space opera. Over the years, as his work became more polished and sophisticated, he evolved into far more than that: a visionary of the future whose imagination knew no bounds. He was truly a cosmic writer, as stories such as "Devolution" (in this collection) demonstrate. If you are interested in pulp science fiction at its pulpiest, look no farther. Edmond Hamilton is the author for you. Included in this volume:THE DOOR INTO INFINITYTHE LEGION OF LAZARUSDREAMER'S WORLDSTHE CITY AT WORLD'S ENDTHE WORLD WITH A THOUSAND MOONSTHE STARS, MY BROTHERSTHE SARGASSO OF SPACETHE MAN WHO SAW THE FUTURETHE MONSTER-GOD OF MAMURTHTHE MAN WHO RETURNEDTHE SECOND SATELLITEMONSTERS OF MARSTHE MAN WHO EVOLVEDDEVOLUTIONTHE BIRTHPLACE OF CREATIONCORRIDORS OF THE STARSAnd don't forget to search this ebook store for "Wildside Megapack" to see more great entries in this series, covering mysteries, westerns, science fiction, historical, and much, much more!

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