14th Science Fiction MEGAPACK(R)

14th Science Fiction MEGAPACK(R)

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The 14th Science Fiction MEGAPACK(R) collects 28 science fiction stories, 1 novel, and interviews with Larry Niven and Joe W. Haldeman. Included are:A NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHERINTERVIEW WITH LARRY NIVENINTERVIEW WITH JOE W. HALDEMANTHE AUTUMN VISITORS, by Frank Belknap LongADVANCE AGENT, by Christopher AnvilINNOCENT AT LARGE, by Poul and Karen AndersonA COLD NIGHT FOR CRYING, by Milton LesserESCAPE VELOCITY, by Charles L. FontenayFIRST STAGE: MOON, by Dick HetschelGAMES, by Katherine MacLeanINFINITY'S CHILD, by Charles V. DeVetJUNGLE IN THE SKY, by Milton LesserLITTLE BOY, by Harry NealMIRACLE BY PRICE, by Irving E. Cox, Jr.NO GREAT MAGIC, by Fritz LeiberPEACE, by Norman Arkawy and Stanley HenigQUICKIE, by Milton LesserSPATIAL DELIVERY, by Randall GarrettSTAR PERFORMER, by Robert J. SheaSTUDENT BODY, by F. L. WallaceIT TAKES A THIEF, by Walter Miller, Jr.DANGEROUS TECHNOLOGY, by Kenneth Lloyd BiggleTELEMPATHY, by Vance SimondsRESURRECTION SEVEN, by Stephen MarloweTHE CREATURE INSIDE, by Jack SharkeyTHE DEMI-URGE, by Thomas M. DischTHE HERMIT OF MARS, by Stephen BartholomewTHE LONELY, by Judith MerrilTHE PLANET WITH NO NIGHTMARE, by Jim HarmonTHE EARTH QUARTER, by Damon KnightOUR TOWN, by Jerome BixbyTHE ANGRY ESPERS, by Lloyd Biggle Jr.

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