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Smart Growth

Smart Growth From Sprawl to Sustainability

Jon Reeds

Paperback (25 Feb 2011) | English

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People who live in compact traditional towns have far smaller environmental footprints than those who live in sprawling suburbs. Is urban sprawl inevitable? Are there better ways of getting about? And can 60 million people crammed into a land bulging at the seams ever find ways of treating it with respect? This book argues that we should look for the answer to America-the country that embraced urban sprawl and car dependency on a far grander scale than the UK ever did. There is much we can learn from its 'Smart Growth' movement, which is successfully arguing for compact cities, rail-based transit systems, and restoring communities decayed by decades of self-centered suburban life. Shows how urban sprawl is unsustainable in an age of climate change and peak oilChallenges the UK to develop a 'Smart Growth' approach to improve the quality of life in our overcrowded islandContents include: Part I-How we got hereA squandered land; Decline and sprawl-a century of spatial planning; The death and life of great British citiesPart II-Where we areAn unsustainable communities plan; Climate change; America-land of dreamsPart III-Where we need to beCare and maintenance of a small country-Smart Growth planning; Smart Growth transport; A Smart Growth vision.

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